“Noam was a pleasure to work with.  I did a total of four 90-minute massages with him, and he was very thorough.  I was able to communicate where my trouble spots were, and he was able to take that and perform his magic.  His warm and friendly personality adds to the experience!”
-Derek Y.

“Noam has the magic touch. I had an unusual recurring back pain … for my entire life. After one session with Noam, I was all fixed up … for good! This certainly exceeded my expectations!
In addition, Noam is super professional, pleasant, and hygienic.
Worth every penny!”
-Ian S.

“Noam is one of the best massage therapists I’ve had in years. He’s able to quickly zone in on hotspots and uses careful and steady pressure to work them out. He consistently stayed right on the edge of how much pressure I could take, giving enough to create lasting change but not pushing too hard. Very responsive, careful, and empathic as well. I would highly recommend his services to anyone, especially if you’re looking for an effective pain relief and long term care.”
-Jhenya A.

“Oh my god, that was incredible.. The only other massage I’ve received that came close to that one was from Karen [Gramberg, teacher of Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release at the San Francisco School of Massage].”
-Caroline V., CMT

“I felt held and taken care of right from the beginning. Pacing was great. There was a clear ending to the massage in a gentle way. I hope I get to work with Noam again.. He’s a great massage therapist.”
-Heather S., CMT, RYT

“That was fantastic. Noam made me feel welcome and had a very calm demeanor. Frequently checked in with me regarding pressure.”
-Jed E.

“Clear and friendly, very professional.. Loved the emphasis on tension areas – challenging in a good way!”
-Jill D.